KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

2700系車両  2700 series日程1.5時間人数1回15~40名時期工場稼働日Schedule1.5HOURSCapacity15-40 persons per tourYearly AvailabilityDuring operation工場見学:工場稼働日のみ(10:00~11:30 13:00~14:30 の2回、1回15~40名まで) *4/20-5/20・7/20-8/20・12/20-1/20は工場内に車両がいないため要注意。駐車場は大型バス1台まで可能。多度津工場内の施設は近代化産業遺産に指定されている建物が多くあります。PR室では映像紹介、古い車両の部品の他、屋外には多度津工場で最後に検査を行った蒸気機関車C58も展示。工場内では車両をクレーンで持ち上げる作業が見れることもあります。Many facilities at the factory have been designated as Heritages of Industrial Modernization. Watch a video presentation and see old train parts in the PR room. A Class C58 steam locomotive is displayed outdoors, where it underwent its final inspection. You can also see trains lifted on cranes at the factory.体験内容  Activities10:00|11:3047Excursion1.5HOURSEXCURSION13:00|14:30JR四国 多度津工場JR Shikoku Tadotsu Train Factory蒸気機関車C58A Class C58 steam locomotive "Shigohachi"香川県多度津町で発祥した少林寺拳法の聖地。全国はもとより、世界各地から拳士が訪れます。金剛禅総本山少林寺の施設見学のほか、坐禅や技法の体験、少林寺拳法の動きを取り入れたエクササイズの体験が可能です。また、拳士による演武や多度津京極少林寺拳法太鼓の演奏も見学可能(事前予約制)。依頼があれば出張での実施も可能です。Located in the town of Tadotsu in Kagawa, the birthplace of Shorinji Kempo attracts practitioners from around the world. After a tour of the temple, visitors can try zazen meditation and martial techniques of Shorinji Kempo, and join a special exercise with elements of the martial art. Demonstrations of Shorinji Kempo techniques and drumming performances of the Tadotsu Kyogoku Shorinji Kempo Daiko team are also available with advance request. The teams can also be dispatched on demand.施設見学→拳士による演武や多度津京極少林寺拳法太鼓の演奏見学→坐禅や少林寺拳法健康プログラム(少林寺拳法のエッセンスを用いたエクササイズ)の体験*ツアー内容、時間は相談可能。英語での対応可(事前に要相談)Tour of the temple → Demonstration of Shorinji Kempo techniques and drumming performance of Tadotsu KyogokuShorinji Kempo Daiko team→ zazen meditation and Shorinji Kempo Kenko Program(an exercise with the essence of Shorinji Kempo)* Tour contents and times are flexible. English-speaking guide available (advance booking required)2 HOURSEXCURSION日程2時間人数100名まで時期通年Schedule2 HOURSCapacityUp to 100 peopleYearly AvailabilityYear-round金剛禅総本山少林寺  Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji TempleFactory Tours: Operating days only (Two tours per day: 10:00-11:30am, 1:00-2:30pm) *Note - No trains are in the factory during the following dates: Apr 20-May 20, Jul 20-Aug 20, Dec 20-Jan 20 Parking lot accomodates 1 large busJR四国 多度津工場見学JR Shikoku Tadotsu Train Factory Tour午前・午後各1回H 四国鉄道発祥の地 JR四国 多度津工場見学  JR Tadotsu Train Factory Tour The Base for Shikoku RailMAP② 40 I 金剛禅総本山少林寺で知られざる魅力を体験  Discover the secrets of Shorinji Kempo at Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji TempleMAP② 40

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