KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

After Convention ActivitiesJ 会議前 心と身体をリフレッシュ 『朝の栗林公園』 Pre-Conference Mind and Body Morning Relaxation at Ritsurin Garden栗林公園Ritsurin Garden2 HOURS(early morning)AFTERCONVENTION日程2時間(早朝)時期4月~9月(朝がゆは年中営業)Schedule2 HOURS(early morning)Yearly AvailabilityApril to September (Morning breakfast is available year-round)朝がゆ(花園亭)Morning rice porridge breakfast (Hanazono-tei)開園時間:日の出(5:30~*季節により異なる) Garden opens at sunrise (5:30 a.m. at earliest; varies by season)花園亭で朝がゆの朝食(7:00~10:00 要予約 ¥1300~)Breakfast at Hanazono-tei (7:00-10:00 a.m. Requires reservation ¥1,300 - )日の出の時間から開園する公園は珍しく、早朝の静寂な散策は瞑想や思考に最適。さらに庭園美を見ながら朝がゆは、身体と心を満たしてくれます。Peaceful early morning strolls are perfect for meditation and thinking, yet gardens like Ritsurin that open at sunrise are rare. A morning rice porridge breakfast, enjoyed while viewing the beauty of the garden, is sure to help fulfill both your mind and body.栗林公園早朝散策 花園亭での朝がゆコースRitsurin Garden early morning walk and breakfast at Hanazono-teiK 会議後 特別な時間を演出 「世界の宝石」瀬戸内海サンセット チャータークルーズ Post-Conference Seto Inland Sea "Jewel of the World" Sunset Charter Cruise2 HOUR(evening)EXCURSIONサンポートコンベンションエリアにある高松港から乗船できる利便性。瀬戸内海に沈む美しい夕日と瀬戸大橋特別ライトアップを船上から楽しみます。Convenient boarding from the Port of Takamatsu, located in the Sunport convention area. Participants can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Seto Inland Sea and the illumination of the Seto Ohashi Bridge from the ship.高松港ー瀬戸内海のサンセットクルーズと瀬戸大橋特別ライトアップー高松港Takamatsu - Seto Inland Sea sunset cruise and Seto Ohashi bridge illumination - Takamatsu高松港発 Depart Takamatsu ※チャーター料金・乗船人数は船によって異なります。瀬戸大橋ライトアップスケジュールはHPで要確認。(参考)チャーター料金 1隻12名まで:20,000円(2時間)1隻16名まで:48,600円・別途保険680円/人(2時間) 1隻40名まで:80,000円(2時間)*Charter fees and capacities vary by ship. Check the website for the Seto Ohashi Bridge illumination schedule.(Sample Pricing) Charter fees: 1 ship up to 12 people: ¥20,000 (2 hours), 1 ship up to 16 people: ¥48,600, Additional insurance ¥680 per person (2 hours), 1 ship up to 40 people: ¥80,000 (2 hours)日程2時間(夕方)人数40名まで時期3月~11月初旬(瀬戸大橋ライトアップは土・祝・GW)Schedule2 HOURS(evening)CapacityUp to 40 peopleYearly AvailabilityMarch to early November(Seto Ohashi Bridge illumination on Saturdays, holidays, and Golden Week (around April 29-May 5))瀬戸内海の夕日 Sunset over the Seto Inland Sea瀬戸大橋ライトアップSeto Ohashi Bridge illumination(参考)チャーター船 12名定員(Reference) 12-person capacity charter ship07:00|10:0017:30|18:3019:30|20:30サンセットクルーズ(2時間) Sunset cruise (2hours)(応相談、季節により出発時間変更あり)(Requires consultation, departure times vary by season) 高松港着 Arrive Takamatsu44

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