KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

Meeting & ExcursionI 善通寺・琴平エリア 重役会議&エクスカーション Zentsuji and Kotohira Area Executive Conference & Excursion Package1日目 Day 108:00高松 Takamatsu | (バス) (bus)善通寺(旧善通寺偕行社にて重役会議)Zentsuji Temple (Executive conference at Former Zentsuji Kaikosha Officers Club)旧善通寺偕行社Former Zentsuji Kaikosha Officers Club10:30琴平駅待合室Kotohira Station waiting room16:30琴平着 Arrive Kotohira  | (バス) (bus) 高松 Takamatsu17:302 DAY&1 NIGHTSMEETING&EXCURSION2日目 Day 2日程1泊2日人数57名まで時期通年(平日 月・木のみ)但し、時期により利用出来ない場合あり食事1日目:(昼食)旧善通寺偕行社     (懇親会)ホテル(琴平)2日目:(昼食)車内(神椿特製ランチ)Schedule2DAY&1NIGHTCapacityUp to 57 peopleYearly AvailabilityYear-round (Mondays and Thursdays only)May be unavailable depending on the seasonMealDay 1 (Lunch) Former Zentsuji Kaikosha Officers Club(Social gathering) Hotel (Kotohira)Day 2 (Lunch) On train (Kamitsubaki Special Lunch)金丸座 Konpira Grand Theater (Kanamaru-za) 金刀比羅宮参拝Kotohiragu Shrine visit観光列車(四国まんなか千年ものがたり 貸切運行)専用待合室あり 琴平発⇔大歩危 往復乗車Depart Kotohira on Luxury Sightseeing Charter Train The Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari with private lounge ⇔ Oboke round trip国の重要文化財である旧陸軍の社交場「旧善通寺偕行社」、こんぴら歌舞伎で有名な日本最古の芝居小屋「金丸座」など歴史的建造物をはじめ、人気の大人向け観光列車「四国まんなか千年ものがたり」を貸切運行で特別な体験を演出できます。金刀比羅宮(御本宮) Kotohiragu Shrine: Main Shrine旧善通寺偕行社 大広間Former Zentsuji Kaikosha Officers ClubLarge Hall神椿のお食事Kamitsubaki Special Lunch※内容が変更になる場合があります。*The contents may be changedParticipants can enjoy a special experience on the Luxury Sightseeing Charter Train The Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari. Participants will also visit popular tourist attractions, including the Former Zentsuji Kaikosha Officers Club (a social meeting place for the former Imperial Army and currently a National Important Cultural Property), Kanamaru-za (Japan's oldest kabuki theater, also known as the Konpira Grand Theater), as well as other historic buildings.09:0043金丸座(見学や伝統芸能鑑賞)Konpira Grand Theater (Kanamaru-za) tour and traditional performing arts appreciation懇親会・宿泊(琴平)Social gathering/accommodation (in Kotohira)

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