KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

After ConventionHALF-DAYOR FULL-DAYAFTER CONVENTIONぶっかけうどんBukkake udon日程半日・1日人数各コース40名まで時期通年GW、お盆、年末年始は運休ScheduleHALF-DAY or FULL-DAYCapacityUp to 40 people per courseYearly AvailabilityYear-roundClosed for Golden Week (around April 29-May 5), Obon (mid-August), and New Year's holidaysF うどんバスで有名店巡り  Udon Noodle Shop Tours on the Udon BusA popular regular route bus which visits famous udon shops that are difficult to get to without a car. Also features courses which include famous sightseeing spots in Kagawa Prefecture, and is available for use by individuals or larger groups. A guide provides udon explanations, allowing participants to easily enjoy the udon tour.毎日定期運行するうどんバスは有名店を曜日によってコースを設定されています。半日・一日と予定次第で選択可能。(うどん代が別途実費)専任ガイドさんの説明があり安心。先着順・予約可。The Udon Bus runs a regular route every day, stopping at different famous shops depending on the day of the week. Half-day or full-day tours can be selected to suit your plans. (Separate costs apply for udon noodles). Includes explanations from a specialist guide. Availability on a first-come, first-serve basis; reservations accepted半日コース Half-day course半日 1,000円/人 Half day \1,000 per person1日通し 1,600円/人 Full-day (AM+PM) \1,600 per psrson月・水・金曜日午前プラン高松駅【9:25】-山越うどん-清水屋手打ちうどん-高松駅【12:00頃】午後プラン高松駅【12:30】-手打ちうどんひさ枝-かすが町市場-《観光》栗林公園(入場料別途)-高松駅【16:30頃】火・木曜日午前プラン高松駅【9:25】-手打ちうどんはゆか-宮武うどん-高松駅【12:15頃】午後プラン高松駅【12:30】-わら家-《観光》屋島山上-うどん本陣山田家本店-高松駅【16:30頃】Mondays, Wednesdays,FridaysMorning Plan[9:25 a.m.] Takamatsu Station - Yamagoe Udon ‐ Shimizuya Udon- [around 12:00 p.m.] Takamatsu Station Afternoon Plan[12:30 p.m.] Takamatsu - Hisaeda Udon – Kasugacho Ichiba - <> Ritsurin Garden (Separate entry fees required) - [around 4:30 p.m.] Takamatsu StationTuesdays, ThursdaysMorning Plan [9:25 a.m.] Takamatsu Station -Handmade Udon Hayuka- Miyatake Udon - [around 12:15 p.m.] Takamatsu StationAfternoon Plan [12:30 p.m.] Takamatsu Station - Waraya - <> Yashima area - Udon Honjin Yamadaya ‐ [around 4:30 p.m.] Takamatsu Station1日コース Full-day course1,500円/人 \1,500 per person土・祝曜日高松駅【9:25】‐山下うどん- 《観光》金刀比羅宮-長田in香の香-高松駅【16:15頃】日曜日高松駅【9:25】-中村うどん(土器)-《観光》丸亀城-《観光》総本山善通寺-塩がま屋-高松駅【15:55頃】SaturdaysHolidays [9:25 a.m] Takamatsu Station - Yamashita Udon -<> Kotohiragu Shrine - Nagata in Kanoka ‐ [around 4:15 p.m.] Takamatsu StationSundays [9:25 a.m.] Takamatsu Station - Nakamura Udon (in Doki) -<> Marugame Castle - <> Zentsuji Temple - Shiogamaya -[around 3:55 p.m.] Takamatsu Station車でないと行きにくいうどんの人気店を廻る定期バス。香川県の有名な観光地スポットも含まれるコースあり、1人から参加可能。ガイドさんのうどん解説があり、気軽にうどん巡りを楽しめます。40※最新のコース情報は、HPで要確認。 *See website for latest course information.讃岐うどん 味 アート巡りSanuki Udon Flavor and Art Tour

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