KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

ExcursionC 琴電「レトロ電車」貸切運行で行く琴平とうどん打ち体験 Kotohira Tour and Udon Noodle Making Experience via the Kotoden Retro Charter Train近代化産業遺産に認定された大正時代生まれの「レトロ電車」を貸切運行で琴平へ。こんぴら参りと「うどん打ち体験」を楽しみます。レトロ電車以外の車両も貸切が可能で、車内はイベント、食事など使い方は色々できます。STARTGOAL09:30高松 - レトロ電車貸切(途中、仏生山駅にて車両工場見学も可) *2021年5月まで運行予定Takamatsu to Kotohira on the Retro Charter Train (can also stop at Busshozan Station to visit the train factory) *Scheduled service until May 2021 レトロ電車 Retro train12:00琴平 Arrive at Kotohira | (バス) ( bus)【昼食】資生堂パーラー 神椿Lunch at Shiseido Parlour Kamitsubaki |金刀比羅宮参拝Kotohiragu Shrine visit うどん打ち体験(2人~100名程度)Udon making experience (2 to 100 people) 17:00 | (バス) ( bus)高松 Takamatsu1 DAYEXCURSION日程1日人数80名まで時期通年Schedule1DAYCapacityUp to 80 peopleYearly AvailabilityYear-round金刀比羅宮(御本宮)Kotohiragu Shrine: Main Shrineうどん打ち体験Udon making37Ride to Kotohira on a chartered retro train, which has been designated as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization. Participants can enjoy visiting Kotohiragu Shrine and making udon noodles. Trains other than the retro train can also be chartered, and a variety of uses are available such as holding events or having meals on the train.

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