KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

No.25 | MAP② 25 | 琴平町公会堂 Kotohiracho Public HallUnique Venues歴史的建造物 Historical BuildingsThis traditional-style, wooden community hall was built in 1934 and is located close to the Kotohiragu Shrine pilgrimage path which climbs Mt. Zozu. Kaikodo provides a solemn beauty against the background of the picturesque green mountain. In spring, cherry blossoms make the garden a charming and glamorous sight. The venue is still used for a variety of events, gatherings, and other functions.住所香川県仲多度郡琴平町975-1電話番号0877-75-2056交通手段(JR・ことでん)高松駅から琴平駅まで50分【最寄駅】JR琴平駅、ことでん琴平駅より徒歩15分利用時間8:30~17:00(土・日・祝日、年末年始休)使用条件料金も含め要相談Address975-1 Kotohiracho, Nakatado-gunTelephone+81 (0) 877-75-2056AccessFrom Takamatsu Station (JR or Kotoden): 50 min by train to Kotohira StationFrom JR or Kotoden Kotohira Stations (closest): 15 min walkHours8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Closed Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and New Year's holidays)Special NotesInquire for conditions and fees.内観 Interior金刀比羅宮参道に近いところにある国の登録有形文化財昭和9年に建造された木造日本建築の公会堂は、象頭山を見上げる金刀比羅宮参道に程近いところ、美しい緑の山を借景に荘厳な佇まいを見せています。春には、庭園の桜の木々が一斉に咲き乱れ、あでやかな風景が広がります。また、現在も各種催しや集会などに使用されています。住所香川県三豊市三野町吉津甲153-1電話番号0875-56-2301交通手段JR高松駅から車で60分利用時間9:00~17:00 月曜日・年末年始休(月曜日祝日の場合は開館し、翌日休館)使用条件料金も含め要相談施設を利用する場合の入場料入場料 15歳以上65歳未満100円(団体20人以上70円)その他は無料Address153-1 Yoshizuko, Minocho, MitoyoTelephone+81 (0) 875-56-2301AccessFrom JR Takamatsu Station: 1 hr by car/taxiHours9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Closed Mondays and New Year‘s holidays (If Monday is a National Holiday, and the facility will close the following day instead)Special NotesInquire for conditions and feesAdmission FeeAdmission fees: ¥100 for individuals age 15 to 65 (¥70 per individual for groups of 20 or more); admission free for all other individualsNo.26 | MAP② 26 | 宗吉かわらの里展示館 Roof-tile Kiln Site at MuneyoshiThe Roof-tile Kiln Site at Muneyoshi is a Designated National Historic Site, and is one of the largest ancient roof tile kiln sites remaining in Japan. 24 furnances provided kawara roof tiles for Myoonji, the oldest temple in Kagawa Prefecture, as well as Fujiwara-no-miya, Japan's first tile-roofed palace. The adjacent Muneyoshi Kawara no Sato Exhibition Pavilion exhibits excavated kawara tiles from over 1300 years ago, and introduces the history of the kawara tile kiln through videos.The "clay handicraft", "magatama bead making", and "paper tiger painting" (extra fee), and other experiences are quite popular. Arrangements can be made for food hand-prepared by local residents, as well as traditional performing arts such as the "Iyadani Jinno Taiko Drums," ningyo joruri Japanese puppet shows by the Sanuki Gennojo preservation society, and more.ガイダンス室(約50人収容)Guidance room (accomodates about 50 people)ものづくり発祥の地。視察先としてや地域の方との交流拠点国指定史跡の宗吉瓦窯は、香川県最古の寺『妙音寺』や日本初の瓦葺宮殿『藤原宮』に瓦を供給した窯跡で窯数24基を誇り、古代瓦窯跡としては日本最大級です。史跡に付随する宗吉かわらの里展示館は、瓦窯の歴史の映像や、1300年以上前の出土瓦を展示しています。また、「粘土工作」、「勾玉作り」、「張子の虎の絵付け」(有料)などの、様々な体験が人気です。地域の食材を使った、地元主婦がつくる郷土料理の提供、伝統芸能の「いやだに神農太鼓」・人形浄瑠璃「讃岐源之丞」保存会の公演等手配可能です。Unique Venues博物館 Museum32A National Registered Tangible Cultural Property on the main approach to Kotohiragu ShrineThe birthplace of monozukuri production. A site for tours and interactions with local residents.

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