KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

No.19 | MAP② 19 |粟島海洋記念館 ※2020年冬~改修工事予定(約2年間)Awashima Maritime Museum *Scheduled for partial restoration beginning winter 2020, for approx. 2 yearsUnique Venues歴史的建造物 Historical Buildings瀬戸内海が目の前、美しいペパーミント色の日本初海員養成学校Japan's first mariner school, colored a beautiful peppermint and located on the Seto Inland Seaレセプション、パーティー、セレモニー、野外パーティーReceptions, parties, ceremonies, outdoor partiesThe museum is the site of Japan's first mariner school, with the existing school building dating to 1920. The peppermint-colored, retro western-style structure can easily be seen even from out at sea, and has become a symbol of the island. Every part of the building features detailed decoration and ornamentation. The Le Port Awashima lodging facility is also located on the site, and visitors can enjoy watching sea fireflies at night from June to September. Enjoy a peaceful moment while basking in the breeze from the Seto Inland Sea.研修棟Training building住所三豊市詫間町粟島1541電話番号0875-84-7884交通手段須田港(高松駅・高松空港より車で約1時間)より粟島港までフェリーで約15分。下船後、徒歩5分 【最寄駅】JR詫間駅 須田港まで車で約15分【参考】フェリー最終便 粟島港発19:30→須田港着19:45 *需要に応じて貸切運行可(粟島汽船)利用時間9:00~16:00 毎週月曜日・年末年始休使用条件火気不可 飲食の条件飲食・アルコール可。併設の宿泊施設(ル・ポール粟島)より地域の食材を使った食事提供可。市内弁当屋より配達可。Address1541 Awashima, Takumacho, MitoyoTelephone+81 (0) 0875-84-7884AccessFrom Suda Port: approx. 15 min by ferry + 5 min walk from Awashima PortFrom Takamatsu Station or Takamatsu Airport: approx. 1 hr by car/taxi to Suda Port + ferryFrom JR Takuma Station: approx. 15 min by car/taxi to Suda Port + ferryLast ferry: Awashima Port 7:30 p.m. → Suda Port 7:45 p.m. *Ferries can be chartered when necessary (Awashima Line).Hours9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., closed Mondays and New Year's holidaysSpecial NotesOpen flames are prohibited.Food and DrinkFood, drinks and alcohol are allowed. Food using local ingredients can be arranged from the adjacent accommodation facility (Le Port Awashima). Bento lunch boxes can also be delivered from shops in the city.会場名広さ利用人数料金研修棟1室(67㎡)(椅子・机あり)90人3室×30人300円/1時間武道館148㎡20人300円/1時間※宿泊プラン(施設使用料、宿泊料、食事代(3食))1泊2日:7,500円/人【参考】2階ホール 100人 ※現在使用不可、改修後可2階ホール2nd floor hallRoom/SpaceArea (in ㎡)CapacityUsage FeeTraining building 1 room (67 ㎡) (includes tables and chairs): 90 people (3 rooms of 30 people each)¥300 per hourMartial arts gymnasium148 ㎡20¥300 per hour瀬戸内国際芸術祭2013・2016Setouchi Triennale Art Festival 2013 & 2016*Accommodation Plan Package (facility usage, accommodation, and 3 meals) 2 days/1 night: ¥7,500 per person2nd floor hall*: 100 *Not currently available. Will be available after renovations are completed.Past events29日本で最初に開校した歴史ある海員養成学校跡。現在の校舎跡は大正9年に建てられたもので、ペパーミント色のレトロな洋館は島のシンボル的存在になっており、海からも目立つ場所に立っています。建物各所に細かな装飾等も施されています。同じ敷地内には、宿泊施設ル・ポール粟島があり、6月~9月の夜は海ほたるが鑑賞できます。瀬戸内の風を感じながら穏やかな時間を過ごせます。

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