KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

No.13 | MAP② 13 |中津万象園 丸亀美術館 Nakazu Banshoen Garden and Marugame Museum of ArtUnique Venues歴史的建造物 Historical Buildings現存最古の煎茶席(観潮楼)とヒューマンスケールなお庭で清遊のひとときをEnjoy an excursion at Japan's oldest existing tea ceremony room (Kanchoro) and a perfectly-sized garden会議、レセプション、茶会、イベントConferences, receptions, tea ceremonies, eventsNakazu Banshoen is an intimate, perfectly-sized garden, and is also referred to as a "Daimyo strolling Garden". The adjacent conference hall, Dairitsutei (waiting room), tea ceremony room (main building/Kanchoro), cafe space (Kaibotei), and restaurant (Kaifutei) are connected by pathways which also lead to a pottery building, art gallery, and other cultural facilities. On the shore at the park’s north end is a plaza with an attached stage, where the setting sun over the sea serves as the backdrop to events and other functions. Feudal lords once came to fish at this very same location. The venue is small, but perfect for relaxing and making connections.住所丸亀市中津町25-1電話番号0877-23-6326交通手段高松空港から車で50分JR高松駅から車で50分 【最寄駅】JR讃岐塩屋駅 徒歩15分・JR丸亀駅から車で約6分利用時間中津万象園 9:30~17:00 懐風亭(レストラン)11:00~14:00、17:00~20:00 (火曜日夜は予約制)*共に水曜日休。団体受入の場合は要相談使用条件園内の車の通行不可。飲食の条件飲食・アルコール可。併設のレストラン(懐風亭)からの食事提供可能。ケータリング不可。施設を利用する場合の入場料入場料 大人700円(オリエント美術を展示した陶器館観覧料は入場料に含む。但し絵画館入館は別途) Address25-1 Nakazucho, MarugameTelephone+81 (0) 877-23-6326AccessFrom Takamatsu Airport: 50 min by car/taxi   From JR Takamatsu Station: 50 min by car/taxi   From JR Marugame Station: approx. 6 min by car/taxi From JR Sanuki-Shioya Station (closest): 15 min walkHoursNakazu Banshoen Garden 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Kaifutei Restaurant 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. / 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. (Tuesday evenings by reservation only) *Both facilities closed Wed. (Please inquire for group visits)Special NotesPedestrian traffic only allowed inside the park.Food and DrinkFood, drinks and alcohol are allowed. Food catering can be provided by the park restaurant (Kaifutei). Catering is not allowed.Admission FeeAdmission fees: Adults ¥700 (Includes entry to oriental art exhibitions in the pottery building. Art gallery requires separate admission fee.) 会場名広さ利用人数料金本館ホール(大ホール)180.25㎡シアター形式(椅子のみ)200名パーティー形式(着席)80名会議形式(長机)90名(大・小をつなげて利用の場合) シアター形式(椅子のみ)300名9:00~17:00 100,000円/日17:00~20:00 20,000円/4時間本館ホール(小ホール)111.3㎡シアター形式(椅子のみ)60名パーティー形式(着席)40名9:00~17:00 40,000円/日17:00~20:00 10,000円/4時間茶席8畳+6畳母屋20名、観潮楼 ※通常非公開のため要相談(茶席として利用した場合)9:00~17:00 50,000円/日12,500円/2時間海望亭200㎡オープンスペース利用の場合チェア+テーブル 25名(パイプ椅子等設置の場合は応相談)、会議室(個室)14名料金は要相談(会議室含む)懐風亭(レストラン)-席数 130席(全館貸切不可)その他各種個室の要望に対応可。-Room/SpaceArea (in ㎡)CapacityUsage FeeMain building hall (large hall)180.25 ㎡Theater layout (chairs only) 200, party layout (seated) 80, conference layout (long tables) 90(small and large hall connected): Theater layout (chairs only) 300 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ¥100,000 per day, 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. ¥20,000 per 4 hoursMain building hall(small hall)111.3 ㎡Theater layout (chairs only) 60, party layout (seated) 409:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ¥40,000 per day, 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. ¥10,000 per 4 hoursTea ceremony rooms14.6 ㎡ room + 10.9 ㎡ roomMain building: 20, Kanchoro: *Normally not open to public so requires consultation (for use as a tea ceremony room) 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ¥50,000 per day, ¥12,500 per 2 hoursKaibotei200 ㎡When used as an open space: Chairs + tables 25 (inquire for use of folding chairs, etc.) Conference room (individual room): 14Inquire for fees (includes conference room)Kaifutei (restaurant)-Capacity:130 (seated) The entire facility cannot be reserved.Other individual rooms can also be provided for use.-観潮楼(現存日本最古の煎茶室)Kanchoro (oldest existing tea ceremony room in Japan)海望亭Kaifutei (cafe space)23“親密でヒューマンスケール”な大名庭園と評される中津万象園。会議用ホール、代笠亭(待合)、茶室(母屋・観潮楼)、喫茶室(海望亭)、食事処(懐風亭)を結ぶ導線の間には陶器館・絵画館などの文化施設も点在し、江戸時代お殿様が建網漁に訪れたという海岸(園北側)には、瀬戸内海に沈む夕陽を背景にイベント等の行えるステージ付きの広場もあります。小ぶりですが、心を通わせ寛ぐための会場にはぴったりです。

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