KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

住所坂出市番の州緑町6-13電話番号0877-45-2344(瀬戸大橋記念公園管理協会)交通手段JR高松駅から車で約40分高松空港から車で約1時間【最寄駅】JR坂出駅から車で約15分利用時間9:00~21:00使用条件火気厳禁 飲食の条件飲食・アルコール可。要持込。Address6-13 Bannosu-midoricho, SakaideTelephone+81 (0) 877-45-2344 (Seto Ohashi Commemorative Park Management Association)AccessFrom JR Takamatsu Station: approx. 40 min by car/taxiFrom Takamatsu Airport: approx. 1 hour by car/taxiFrom JR Sakaide Station (closest): approx. 15 minutes by car/taxiHours9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.Special NotesOpen flames prohibited.Food and DrinkFood, drinks and alcohol allowed. Food and drink must be arranged by event organizers.No.11 | MAP② 11 |瀬戸大橋記念公園 マリンドームSeto Ohashi Commemorative Park: Marine DomeEnjoy Japanese hospitality against the scenic backdrop of the magnificent Seto Ohashi Bridge, which was selected as one of the 20 symbols that represent Japan in the 20th centuryコンサート、記念式典、レセプション、パーティーConcerts, commemorative ceremonies, receptions, parties 瀬戸大橋の眼下にある国内最大級の木製ドーム。ステージ・客席(1,231席)を備えており、様々なイベントや展示会等に利用されています。隣接している控室3室も利用可能です。会場名広さ利用人数料金マリンドーム999㎡(建築面積)1,200~1,300名(座席は1,231席)26,180円/日(9:00~17:00) 5,230円/1時間(~9:00、17:00~)控室3室13.5~24.0㎡-1室1,770円/日(9:00~17:00)Room/SpaceArea (in ㎡)CapacityUsage FeeMarine Dome999 ㎡ 1,200-1,300 persons (1,231 seats) ¥26,180 per day, (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)¥5,230 per hour(~9:00a.m. , 5:00 p.m.~)3 waiting rooms13.5-24.0 ㎡- 1 room ¥1,770 per day (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)Unique Venues記念公園 Memorial Park音楽イベントや展示会、記念式典などMusic events, exhibitions, ceremonies, etc.Past events「日本の20世紀遺産20選」の一つとなった雄大な瀬戸大橋を借景におもてなし21The Marine Dome, which is one of the largest wooden domes in Japan, offers a commanding view of the Seto Ohashi Bridge from below. The dome features a stage with seating for 1,231 people, and is used for a variety of events and exhibitions. The three adjacent waiting rooms are also available for use.

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