KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

No.9 | MAP② 9 |直島ホール(直島町民会館) ホール棟 Naoshima Hall: Main HallUnique Venuesアート建造物 Art Building環境のまち・直島にふさわしい、太陽光・風・地下水の自然エネルギーを活用した建物 This building, which uses solar, wind and groundwater as natural energy sources, is perfectly suited to the environmentally friendly town of Naoshima. 直島女文楽鑑賞、天井白漆喰を使った上演会、コンサートNaoshima Onna Bunraku (women's puppet theater) performances, video screenings projected on the ceiling, concerts, etc.2017年には、ウォールペーパーデザインアワード公共建築部門の最優秀賞・日本建築学会賞(作品)・BCS賞の建築賞を獲得し、国内外からも注目されている公共施設です。ホール棟と集会所棟の2棟で構成され、地域住民のスポーツ・レクリエーションや文化・芸能活動などの各種団体の活動拠点施設としての機能を確保しつつ、地域の葬祭や、防災拠点施設としての避難所などにも活用している施設です。住所香川県香川郡直島町696-1電話番号087-892-2882(直島町教育委員会)交通手段高松港からフェリーで1時間。直島(宮浦港)から車で5分 【参考】フェリー最終便 宮浦港発(17:00)→高松港(18:00) 高速旅客船 宮浦港発(19:45)→高松港着(20:15)利用時間9:00~21:00年末年始(12/28~1/3)休使用条件ホール棟の館内は禁煙、土足厳禁。 隣接する集会所棟の使用は要相談。飲食の条件ホール棟は飲食は不可。集会所棟は飲食、アルコール可。要持込。調理室での調理可。Address 696-1 Naoshimacho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Telephone+81 (0) 87-892-2882 (Naoshima Board of Education)AccessFrom Takamatsu Port: 1 hour by ferry + 5 min by car from Miyanoura Port[Final Sailing Times]Ferry: Miyanoura Port (departs 5:00 p.m.) →Takamatsu (arrives 6:00 p.m.)High speed boat: Miyanoura Port (departs 7:45 p.m.) →Takamatsu (arrives 8:15 p.m.)Hours9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Closed during New Year's holidays (December 28 - January 3)Special NotesSmoking and outdoor shoes prohibited within the main hall. Use of the adjacent community center requires consultation.Food and DrinkMain Hall: Food and drink not allowed Community Center: Food and drink allowedFood and drink must be arranged by event organizers. Kitchen facilities available for food preparation.会場名広さ利用人数料金ホール棟979㎡最大300人3,300円/1時間集会棟293㎡最大50名2,840円/1時間 冷暖房料1,420円/1時間 集会所棟 Community Centerホール棟Main Hall 直島ホール Naoshima Hall 所有者:直島町 設計:三分一博志建築設計事務所 撮影:小川重雄Owner: Naoshima Town Architect: Sambuichi Architects Photographer: Shigeo OgawaRoom/SpaceArea (in ㎡)CapacityUsage FeeMain Hall979 ㎡300 persons¥3,300 per 1 hourCommunity Center293 ㎡50 persons¥2,840 per hour Heating and air conditioning fees: ¥1,420 per hour和楽器によるコンサートイベント会社企画の天井に映像を映しての鑑賞Japanese musical instrument performances Video screenings projected on the ceiling by an event planning company Past events18This public facitility has garnered much attention both domestically and internationally for its architectural design. In 2017, it was awarded the Wallpaper* Design Award in the Best New Public Building category, as well as the Architectual Institute of Japan Prize, and the BCS Prize for architectural achievement.This building consists of a main hall and a community center. It is used for a variety of purposes by local residents, such as sports, culture and arts events held by various organizations, as well as for funeral ceremonies or celebrations. It is also utilized as a disaster preparedness facility and evacuation center, among other roles.

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