KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

No.5 | MAP① 5 |四国村 小豆島農村歌舞伎舞台Shikoku Mura: Shodoshima Farmer’s Kabuki Theater四季折々の自然の中で、江戸~大正期の歴史ある古民家が建ち並ぶ村を散策Enjoy the beauty of the four seasons as you stroll through a village of folk houses representing Japanese history from the Edo period to the Taisho period伝統芸能の公演、コンサート、イベントTraditional art performances, concerts, events瀬戸内海国立公園内で風光明媚な屋島の麓にある野外博物館。約5万㎡の敷地に江戸~大正時代の古民家や建造物が建ち並び、桜や紅葉など四季の自然中を散策しながら、日本の昔の暮らしや文化、風習を体感できます。村内にある安藤忠雄氏設計の「四国村ギャラリー」では美術品はもちろん、讃岐平野を一望する眺めが美しい水景庭園も楽しめます。紅葉と中石家住宅Autumn leaves and Nakaishi's Home竹林 Bamboo grove住所高松市屋島中町91電話番号087-843-3111(四国民家博物館)交通手段JR高松駅から車で約20分高松空港から車で約40分                                                                                         【最寄駅】:ことでん屋島駅から徒歩約5分、JR屋島駅から徒歩約10分利用時間9:00~21:00飲食の条件要相談施設を利用する場合の入場料原則として入村料は別途必要(通常時は大人1,000円 団体20名以上 900円) ※企画展開催時などは内容により都度変動 利用人数約600名程度(客席)料金公演料を徴収しない場合9:00~13:00は2,500円/1時間14:00~21:00は5,000円/1時間※準備・撤去時間は半額、但し夜間17:00~21:00は割引なし 利用状況により要相談Address91 Yashima-nakamachi, TakamatsuTelephone+81 (0) 87-843-3111 (Shikoku Folk House Museum)AccessFrom JR Takamatsu Station: approx. 20 min by car/taxiFrom Takamatsu Airport: approx. 40 min by car/taxiFrom JR Yashima Station: approx. 10 min walkFrom Kotoden Yashima Station (closest): approx. 5 min walkHours9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.Food and DrinkRequires consultationAdmission FeeAdmission to the village generally requires a separate admission fee. Regular FeesAdults: ¥1,000 per personGroups of 20 or more: ¥900 per person*Admission fees will vary when scheduled events are taking place. Capacityapprox. 600 persons (seated)Usage FeeWhen no admission fees are charged:¥2,500 per hour between 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.¥5,000 per hour between 2:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.*Usage fees are half-price for setup time before the event and cleanup time after, however, there will be no discount provided for evening hours between 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Consultation required depending on usageUnique Venues歴史的建造物 Historical Buildings歌舞伎や太鼓など伝統芸能の公演。演劇やパフォーマンス、コンサートなどのイベントPerformances of traditional art, such as Kabuki and taiko drum. Theater, performances, concerts and other events.Past events14Shikoku Mura is an open air museum located at the foot of scenic Mt. Yashima in Setonaikai National Park. The approximately 50,000 ㎡ site features folk houses and other historic buildings from the Edo period to the Taisho period. Strolling through the village, you can enjoy delicate spring cherry blossoms and colorful fall foilage while experiencing the lifestyle, culture and customs of Japan's past. Also located in the village, you will find the Shikoku Mura Gallery, designed by Tadao Ando. There you will be able to enjoy not only works of art, but also a beautiful water garden with a breathtaking view of the Sanuki Plains.

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