KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

蘇鉄の間Sotetsu no Ma (Sago Palm Room)大書院(142畳)Main hall (259 ㎡)住所高松市玉藻町2-1電話番号087-851-1521(玉藻公園管理事務所)交通手段高松空港からリムジンバスで40分【最寄駅】JR高松駅から徒歩6分利用時間8:30~18:00(4月~9月)、8:30~17:00(10月~3月)※時間外利用は別途 夜間管理費が必要(要相談)使用条件ゴミは搬出。排水は不可。現状復旧。飲食の条件飲食可。アルコール不可。ケータリング、近隣ホテルからの搬入可。(いずれも主催者による)施設を利用する場合の入場料入園料 大人200円(団体 20名以上 140円)広さ全館(貸部屋合計) 661.65㎡ 部屋別の貸出可利用人数500名料金39,830円(営利目的での使用)19,780円(それ以外の使用)電灯使用料 別途必要Address2-1 Tamamocho, TakamatsuTelephone+81 (0) 87-851-1521 (Tamamo Park Management Office)AccessFrom Takamatsu Airport: 40 min by limousine bus From JR Takamatsu Station (closest): 6 min walkHours8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (April to September),8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (October to March)*Usage outside of these hours will require additional administration fees (requires consultation) Special NotesAll trash must be removed from venue by visitors. Water drainage is not possible. Users are responsible for returning grounds to normal.Food and DrinkFood and drink are allowed. Alcohol is prohibited. Catering and food from nearby hotels are allowed. (All arrangements must be made by event organizers)Admission FeeEntrance fee: Adults ¥200 (¥140 per individual for groups of 20 or more)Area(in ㎡)Entire building (Total Available Rooms) 661.65 ㎡ Rooms can also be rented individuallyCapacity500 personsUsage Fee¥39,830 per day (For money-making uses)¥19,780 per day (Other uses)+ Lighting feesNo.2 | MAP① 2 |史跡高松城跡 玉藻公園 披雲閣Tamamo Park, Historic Site of Takamatsu Castle: Hiunkaku本邦随一、真鯛が泳ぐ海城。高松の至宝国重要文化財「披雲閣」で過ごす優雅なひとときをSee the sea bream swimming in the moats of Japan’s premier seafront castle, and enjoy a visitto the elegant Hiunkaku, Takamatsu's most treasured National Important Cultural Propertyレセプション、セレモニー、展示会、茶会Receptions, ceremonies, exhibitions, tea ceremonies国の史跡である城内には重要文化財の建造物が7棟、名勝の披雲閣庭園が現存します。瀬戸内海と水門で繋がるお堀の水は潮汐で入れ替わります。内堀では鯛のエサやり体験「鯛願城就」や和船「玉藻丸」での遊覧「城舟体験」(3月~11月)もできます。天守台展望デッキでは潮風を受けながら瀬戸内の眺望を楽しむことができます。Unique Venues重要文化財 Important Cultural Propery第11回アジア太平洋盆栽水石高松大会創立50周年記念日本いけばな芸術協会四国展11th Asia Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition in TakamatsuJapan Ikebana Art Association 50th Anniversary Shikoku ExhibitionPast events11The castle grounds, a National Historic Site, feature seven Important Cultural Property buildings as well as the Hiunkaku Garden, a National Place of Scenic Beauty. The castle's saltwater moat is connected to the Seto Inland Sea by a sluice gate, and the water level rises and falls with the tide. Visitors can try feeding sea bream (tai) in the inner moat, as well as take a castle boat tour in the Japanese-style boat "Tamamomaru" (from March to November). Visitors can also take in a view of the Seto Inland Sea from the main tower's observation deck, while enjoying a cool sea breeze.

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