KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide

掬月の間Kikugetsu no Ma観月会での食事会Moon viewing party banquet住所高松市栗林町1-20-16電話番号087-833-7411(栗林公園観光事務所)交通手段JR高松駅から車で7分高松空港からリムジンバスで30分【最寄駅】JR栗林公園北口駅 徒歩3分利用時間9:00~16:30 時間外利用は要相談飲食の条件飲食可。アルコール不可。地域の食材を使った料理を料亭二蝶がケータリングにより提供施設を利用する場合の入場料入園料 大人410円(団体 20名以上 330円) 広さ430㎡利用人数40名(それ以上の人数の場合は要相談)料金75,000円/日Address1-20-16 Ritsurincho, TakamatsuTelephone+81 (0) 87-833-7411 (Ritsurin Garden Tourism Office)AccessFrom JR Takamatsu Station: 7 min by car/taxi From Takamatsu Airport: 30 min by limousine busFrom JR Ritsurinkoen-Kitaguchi Station (closest): 3 min walk Hours9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.Inquire for use outside normal hours.Food and DrinkFood and drink are allowed. Alcohol prohibited.Catering of food prepared from locally-sourced ingredients can be provided by the Japanese restaurant, Ryotei Nicho.Admission FeeAdults: ¥410 per personGroups of 20 or more: ¥330 per personArea (in ㎡)430 ㎡Capacity40 persons (Consultation required for larger groups)Usage Fee¥75,000 per dayNo.1 | MAP① 1 |栗林公園 掬月亭 Ritsurin Garden: Kikugetsu-tei Teahouse高松藩歴代藩主が「大茶屋」と呼び、こよなく愛した数奇屋風の建物でお茶を楽しむEnjoy tea in this sukiya-style teahouse which was beloved by the feudal lords of the Takamatsu Domain, who affectionately called it "Ochaya" (great teahouse)レセプション、茶会、ミニ演奏会Receptions, tea ceremonies, small musical performancesSukiya-style buildings feature open layouts with low floors and few walls, allowing for excellent views of the surroundings from the inside, in addition to being beautiful to look at from the outside. The views of the south lake and Japanese-style boats from the "Kikugetsu no Ma" room on the south end of the building are especially breathtaking. Having experienced Japanese hospitality at its best with a traditional tea ceremony and delicious food prepared with fresh local ingredients, you can feel relaxed in between conferences and enjoy a wonderful time appreciating the beautiful natural surroundings. Unique Venues歴史的建造物 Historical Buildings9数奇屋風の建物は床が低く、壁は少ない開放的な造りであり、内から眺めて良し、外から眺めて良しの歴史ある建物です。 特に、掬月亭の南端「掬月の間」から南湖や和船を望む景観はすばらしいものです。茶室での伝統的な茶道や地域の食材を使った料理 のおもてなしは、会議期間中もリラックスして、広大な自然と一体となリ素晴らしい時間を過ごせます。

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