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Using This Site

Restrictions on Use
Kagawa Prefecture and related organizations, or information registrant will retain the copyright for all the information that is posted on this site. Therefore, the use, duplication, alteration, or distribution of this information is strictly prohibited for scopes beyond that which is permitted by copyright law or for the private use by individuals. However, these limitations do not apply if prior permission has been obtained from Kagawa Prefecture. In addition, information shall not be used to the detriment or damage to a third party or to this site, or for acts or risks that are contrary to public order and morals, or for the purpose of profit.
We have expended all possible means to review the information that is contained on this site in advance for accuracy. However, this does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the published content. Therefore, please understand that the Promotional Council will not be responsible for any damage that may occur in the use of information on this site.
Conditions for Sharing Links
In general, sites are free to link to this site (http://g7-meeting-takamatsu.kagawa.jp/). This applies to not only the top page, but also individual information pages. However, the Promotional Council may request that a link be removed if the contents of the link source website are contrary to public order and morals.

The following links are not permitted.
  • Links from websites that contain illegal content (including content that have potential to be illegal), that are involved or may be involved with illegal activities (including activities that have potential to be illegal).
  • Links from websites that are contrary to public order and morals or that post or may post content deemed harmful to minors (including content that has the potential to be harmful).
  • Links from websites that contain content that result in libel or slander of this site or may harm the reputation of this site.
  • Links in which the contents of the site are hidden by using frames or other methods.
Changes to Contents and Conditions of Use
The contents and URL of this site may be changed or deleted without prior notice. (Please take note of this, especially in cases where there are links to pages other than the top page of this site.) Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. In this case, changed terms and conditions will apply.

This site is managed by Kagawa Prefecture MICE Promotion Council.