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"Shikoku Henro," a circular pilgrimage of the 88 hallowed grounds in Shikoku that follows the footsteps of Kobo Daishi (aka. Kukai, a famous ancient Buddhist monk), is one of the few wide-area cultural assets in the world that has been passed down through the generations for over a thousand years.
One of the cultural practices that has remained in place since ancient times is "omotenashi", which means "reception and hospitality," and expresses the custom of offering food and drinks to people on the pilgrimages. This custom has deepened exchange between people.

Here in Kagawa, the custom of "reception and hospitality" from the Shikoku Henro has been nurtured together with the round-shaped mountains that look as if bowls have been turned upside-down that dot the landscape in the region's warm climate with little rainfall all year round. We welcome everyone who visits Kagawa from all over the world with this "spirit of hospitality."

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