Highlighting Kagawa's MICE

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The mild climate and calm, beautiful scenery along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, the numerous impressive modern artworks, a food culture nurtured from nature’s bounty, archetypal images of Japan still strongly evident, culture and traditions, maritime transportation, unique industries…
Located along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, Kagawa Prefecture retains undiscovered charms of Japan that cannot be found in other larger or tourist cities. These charms are nestled in a small area as if in a miniature garden, making Kagawa the perfect place for enjoying Japan to the full.
When organizing MICE, such as international meetings and academic conferences, efficient meeting management is made possible by partnering with nearby facilities and networks, with Sunport Takamatsu, the location of the G7 ICT Minsters' Meeting in Takamatsu, Kagawa, as a focal point. We look forward to seeing you in Kagawa Prefecture.

KAGAWA Unique Venues

KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide contains new unique venues.

KAGAWA Unique Venues & Excursions Guide (March.2021)

Top Six Reasons to Choose Kagawa Prefecture for MICE

  1. Sunport Takamatsu has all the facilities in one place
    • Sunport Takamatsu is right next to JR Takamatsu Station, the central point of transportation, located on the waterfront of the Seto Inland Sea known as the "Jewel of the World."
    • Takamatsu Symbol Tower is the central facility in the Sunport Takamatsu area, featuring the Kagawa International Conference Hall, the Sunport Hall Takamatsu containing a Main Hall with 1,500 seats, two Small Halls, and 12 Meeting Rooms, as well as an Exhibition Space. With everything in one central facility, events can be held in a unified manner for smooth operation.
  2. Convenient transportation and easy-access location
    • Takamatsu Airport is an about 1 hour 20 minute flight from Tokyo (Haneda Airport). Every day, there are 13 ANA and JAL flights both ways.
    • It takes about 30 minutes by taxi or about 40 minutes by Limousine Bus from Takamatsu Airport to Sunport Takamatsu.
  3. Comfortable Accommodations
    • There are many accommodations where one can experience all the comforts of Kagawa, and enjoy the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea, nighttime scenery, charming cityscape, modern art, and more.
      *For reference: Accommodations in Takamatsu City = 68 Rooms = 5,139 Visitors who can be accommodated = 9,023
  4. Kagawa's delicious food, made with the spirit of hospitality
    • Food grown in the temperate climate and abundant nature of Kagawa is truly fresh and deeply flavorful, further enhancing any convention.
      *Sanuki Udon Noodles, Olive Beef, Olive Yellowtail, Kintoki Ninjin Carrots, Wasanbon Sugar, etc.
  5. Financial support for the costs of holding conventions and other events
    • The Kagawa Prefectural Government and the Takamatsu City Convention and Visitors Bureau will provide financial assistance (up to \10,000,000 combined) to support conventions and other events.
      *For further details, please send us a message via the contact form.
  6. Extensive support system
    • The full-time staff in charge is prepared to support event organizers in managing their convention, so please feel free to contact us through the contact form.



2021.9.13 Added virtual tour video to digital library

The virtual tour images using 360° images to visually introduce the atmosphere and location of MICE facilities. Virtual Tour Video.Digital Library


2021.7.15 The 62nd Congress of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine.

This was held at the Kagawa International Conference Hall and other venues on July 10 – 11, and we provided support such as welcome banners.


2021.7.1 Mice facilities Virtual tour video

The Kagawa Prefecture MICE Promotion Council produces virtual tour images using 360° images to visually introduce the atmosphere and location of MICE facilities.Virtual Tour Video: Kagawa International Conference Hall.
In the future, we will introduce the created virtual tour on our website at any time.


2020.2.12, 2.19 An information session was held for Kagawa University teaching staff.

Teachers were given information regarding convention halls in Kagawa, in addition to details about support for academic or international conferences.


2019.10.17 Kagawa Prefecture MICE Promotion Council held the Kagawa MICE Seminar at JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu.

Ms. Izumi Shimada of the Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau talked about what private companies and organizations in local cities can do for MICE. We plan to hold regular events in the future in order to foster momentum to attract MICE.


2019.5.31 The fiscal year 2019 Kagawa MICE Promotion Council General Assembly was held.

The fiscal year 2018 business reports and financial results, as well as the fiscal year 2019 business plans and budget were confirmed.


About the Kagawa Prefecture MICE Promotion Council

In addition to increasing Kagawa's brand visibility and bringing positive economic effects to the area where the events are held, MICE events are expected to facilitate interpersonal networking within the businesses and fields of research of the participants. MICE also creates a venue for sharing knowledge and information, which in turn generates new business opportunities.
In April 2016, the G7 ICT Ministers’ Meeting was held in Takamatsu. Hosting such a world-renowned international conference provided the momentum to further promote MICE in Kagawa. The Kagawa Prefecture MICE Promotion Council was formed in November 2016, with the Governor of Kagawa as Chairperson and the Mayor of Takamatsu as Vice Chairperson. The Council is comprised of the Kagawa Prefectural Government, Takamatsu City Government, and MICE-related organizations (venue facilities, accommodation facilities, travel agencies and related companies, economic associations, and more), all coming together with the goal of promoting international governmental meetings and large-scale MICE events in Kagawa.

This site is managed by Kagawa Prefecture MICE Promotion Council.